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Ridgeview Alumni Association Steering Committee

 The Ridgeview Alumni Association Steering Committee is a group of people in active recovery who have completed treatment at the Ridgeview Institute. We have volunteered to serve the Ridgeview Alumni and the recovering community at large by planning and participating in various Alumni sponsored functions. Our main purpose is to promote and sustain our recovery through fellowship, service, and unity. The only requirements for joining are active participation in a 12-Step program and a desire to serve


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The Ridgeview Alumni Steering Committee is not a 12-step program in and of itself. We fully encourage anyone to attend local meetings of their choosing. The content of this site is intended for information, enjoyment and fellowship. The material posted and the links here have been suggested by members of the Steering Committee. The Ridgeview Alumni Steering Committee is not endorsed nor supported by any 12-step group.

 All information here is original writings and photos with the permission of the author or we believe it to be in the public domain. If there is an article or photo that you know to be copyrighted, please, immediately Contact us with this information.  All links from this site are public links that could be reached from any open connection to the Internet. We do not endorse the content of any links from this site and have no control over such sites. We are not endorsed by any of the links and they have no control over the content of this site.

If you have any objections to any of the material contained in this site, please Contact us and let us know. Any questions, comments or concerns about this site or the Ridgeview Alumni Steering Committee, please Contact us.