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last update 02/06/11

The home page of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services.

 Alcoholics Anonymous

The home page of Cocaine Anonymous World Services.

Cocaine Anonymous World Services Online    

The home page of Narcotics Anonymous World Services.

 NA World Services

The home page of Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.'s World Wide Web Site


The Big Book on-line.

AA Big Book on-line 

A daily email of a quote from the Big Book or other AA writings.

Receive "The AA thought of the Day"

A personal page based on recovery

Barefoot Bob's Collection of AA Writings

A personal page based on recovery

The Jaywalker Home Page

The home page of Narcotics Anonymous of the Virginia Peninsula


The Recovery Emporium provides a useful website for AA and other Twelve Step Groups offering Recovery Resources and Gift Items, Automated Daily Readings

The Recovery Emporium Home Page

Nice little on-line tool to calculate your sober time

Sober Time

Of special interest to women

International AA Women's Conference

The home page of Emotions Anonymous

Emotions Anonymous